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Mark Alban Lotz - bansuri - Piccolo, C-,                  alto-, bass-, contrabass flutes,                  Indian bamboo flutes
Paul Pallesen - guitar, banjo, bouzouki  
Anatol Stefanet - viola
Gary Tverdohleb - drums, xylophone


It is the new mucic programm that an encounter of four modernists and free spirits in an enchanting, creative vision on ‘Folklore Of Now’! Anatol Stefanet and Gary Tverdohleb (Trigon) personalize ‘the new music’ at the border line of Ethno-jazz and Moldavian music, Mark Alban Lotz and Paul Pallesen belong to the generation of artists who created the renowed ‘New Dutch Sound’. Here they are: with a steaming collaboration of four virtuosos and a fresh, imaginative concept on ‘East meets West’. 
The concert тур was organized by Ineke Smits, General Manager and legal representative of the Music: World Series (Holland). 

Concerts were in Tilburg in Paradox concert hall; Tropentheater from Amsterdam; In Theater Bouwkunde from Deventer; at Jazz International festival Rotterdam; in De X from Leiden, SJU Jazzpodium from Utrecht.


Mark Alban Lotz - bansuri - Piccolo, C-, alto-,                         bass-, contrabass flutes,                         Indian bamboo flutes
Anatol  Stefanet - viola
Dorel Burlacu - keyboards
Alexandru Arcus - flute, kaval, saxophone
Gary Tverdohleb - drums, xylophone Gheorghe Postoronca - guitar bas
Paul Pallesen - guitar, banjo, bouzouki
Jodi Gilbert - voice

On 6 march 2011 the project was presented at the Martisor festival in Chisinau.

2010 –  “Moldavia Calls” in Tropentheater, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2010 – “Moldavia Calls” in De-X Leiden (Netherlands)
2010 – “Moldavia Calls” in Theater Bouwkunde, Deventer (Netherlands)
2010 –  “Moldavia Calls” , Jazz In Rotterdam at WMDC , Rotterdam, (Netherlands)
2010 - “Moldavia Calls”, SJU Jazz Podium,  Utrecht, (Netherlands)
2010 - “Moldavia Calls”, Paranoia Festival Tilburg, (Netherlands) link
2011 – “Moldova calls” sextet at Festival “Martisor” , Chisinau (Moldova)
2011 – “Moldova calls” octet at Ethno Jazz Festival, Chisinau (Moldova)

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