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"Four virtuosos, four magnificent musicians, create together aesthetically modern and very original music. The proficiency and easiness of their performance, the humour of their dramatic music can be compared to Chick Corea playing the concert of Mozart, with vocal participation and conducted by Bobby McFerrin" Milen Panaiotov, Festival " Varna summer ", "Kultura" 17 September 2004, (Bulgaria)

"The Moldovan group Trigon has presented the jazz performance or a parade of amusements I would compare each of their compositions with "Pictures from the exhibition" of Mussorgsky, but in jazz style. Their program showed a rich palette of polystylistic variety of jazz and folklore. The audience was ecstatic" Olga Stelmashevskaya " Mirror of the week " Donetsk (Ukraine)

"One more truly tremendous success of Trigon group, which, unfortunately, performs in Russia less often than in Western Europe, therefore the rare chance to hear this group here was precious. Their performance successfully combined the serious compositions in the profound chamber music style, admired by the most pretentious public, and the big share of musical circus, enjoyed by the rest. The result was the deafening ovation and loud delight of the audience" Newspaper Culture (Ukraine)

"Nahtlos schloss das quartett Trigon an diese Glanzleistung an. Stefanet erwies sich mit seiner wild schluchzenden Bratsche und rasanten Melodien nicht nur als grobartiger Virtuose, sondern auch als talentiert showhase, indem er auf seinem Instrument pfiff und sang und schon mal wie ein blutiger Anfanger auf den Saiten sagte. Virtuoses auch von der caval, mit der Soprano saxofonist und Sanger Vali Boghean den eigenwilligen Sound der Gruppe mit pragt. Schlagzeuger Gari Tverdohleb fegte auf einem Xylophon kurzerhand den amtlichen Geschwindigkeitsrekord auf diesem selten gehorten instrument weg. Wurde denn auch der letzte jazzfan im erfreulich gut besuchten konzert gewonnen und war dabei, als das Publikum sturmisch vier Zugaben einforderte. Gute Ruckreise! " Michael Scheiner "Donumenta" 14 November 2004 Regensburg (Germany)

"Anatol Stefanet is kind of the Jimi Hendrix of the viola. Stefanet comes from a long line of musicians. Playing with the folk band Laeutari, Anatol began playing the bratsch as a solo instrument, something that had never been done before. His new-found musical love has resulted in solo albums and a stint with the group Trigon. The band plays jazz tunes that are tinged with elements of folk, rock, funk and chamber music" Philipp Krum (France)

"It was just great! If you want to speak about the music they played, you have to be as good as them as unusual as they were. And I think it is useless to try to match them in originality- it would be rather difficult. It would be rather difficult. it would be better to make the effort to try to understand and to evaluate the astonishing depth of what they are doing. I think that those who got impressed excited just by the charm of their arrangements, are profoundly wrong, they are wonderful profound, real musicians, performing real profound music. Their style is a very dangerous one. Lots of groups are hiding under a fake originality sheer non professionalism. It is not their case very one of them is a brilliant professional, a virtuoso. Beside this, they offered us warm, astonishing and vivid world in which we felt extremely good" Anatol Kroll maestro of Russian jazz Moscow (Russia)

"Trigon is the best alternative for playing and conveying the inimitable expression and originality of folk-jazz. Obviously each artist possesses talent and unique skill. The variety of their music is unique, the group succeeding in achieving a monumental synthesis of Balkan melodies and free cosmopolitan jazz. Their Music represents a synthesis of feeling, folklore and modern jazz. They won their own place on the world jazz stage, touring the world for 11 years, from Canary Islands to Japan and from Yakutia to New Zealand" Virgil Mihaiu Jazz & rock 2003 (Romania)

"Passion, virtuosity and highest professionalism - and the public surrendered completely to the musicians; we witnessed the same kind of ecstasy at the Varnensko Lato festival in Bulgaria where Trigon was presenting its program." " " 2005 Moscow

"Trigon has succeeded in finding the narrow path between folklore and jazz and in creating their own unique music, showing tremendous imagination and virtuosity. Every musician is a soloist, playing its own game and music, which is a demanding accomplishment. The audience, trying to follow the musicians, immediately falls in trance. And for the rest of the concert is lost in day-dreaming. Dreaming amazingly beautiful dreams. It's impossible to remain indifferent at the concert. The images are real, visible, palpable. It's a theatre-music, plastic, artistic, with an enormous sense of humour. Painting and Music - daring, strong, dramatic. When any movement of the bow, any sound is freedom, pleasure, joy. It's music lived on the stage. Music about universal truths. About the world and about us in this world. About something in us, hidden deep inside, unconscious and enormously important. An illusion? I would rather say virtuosity, deepest understanding, and metamorphosis. Megapolis journal 2005 Moscow (Russia)

"Sunt muzicieni foarte talentati, simtitor mai buni decat multi altii cunoscuti mie, care abordeaza crossover-ul. Muzicienii ies intotdeauna in evidenta, daca fac un spectacol bun. Fiecare muzician are o identitate culturala proprie. Daca isi face treaba bine, atunci poate da mai departe publicului ceva aparte, imposibil de realizat de un alt muzician, care provine din alt cerc cultural" Mathias Ruegg link, link