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Anatol Stefanet - viola
Sergiu Testemitanu - guitar bass
Oleg Baltaga - drums, percussion


Daniele Pozzovio – piano
Alvise Seggi - double bass
Marcello Benetti - drums

This acoustic trio plays the music in which the sounds of landscapes are outlined interwoven with narrative sense, explanatory naturalness and freshness of expression. The sound, that recalls Blay, Jarett and Pierannunzi trios, is permeated by an evocative halo but stands out with lively and bright hues too and lives also by moments more meditated and crepuscular. Arteval's music sounds sentiment-stained and that can involve with feeling and creative spirit. Pozzovio's inventive flow runs and gushes from his piano with drops of shining intensity, holds out with nimble spontaneity, weighs up and wedge itself with determination and it opens to new bends. Seggi's bass sound creeps into with delicate discretion, with growing communicative sense and with valuable (and effective) colourings of suggestion, pours out with generous stout his mood, now shady, now drip-ping, moving quickly between poetry and strength of expression. The earthy warmth and the rough elasticity and the spotted Bennett's percussions join with the trio now softly austere, now dynamic and malleable, to create rhythmic sediments and complete a musical picture certainly interesting. A live event like this one is possibly the best way to analyse the perfect interplay put on by the trio. Capable of burgeoning out on the trails of jazz at its most free and original compositions developed with a rare freshness and brilliant stylistic skill. Arteval trio played in many Italian European jazz Jazz Festival Gexto (Spain), Nancy Jazz Pulsation (France), Umbria Jazz Winter (Italy), Ronciglione Jazz (Italy).


Gerald Dorsch - vibraphone
Za Za Miminoshvili - guitar
Zurab J. Gagnidze - bass guitar
Raymond A. Kaczynski - drums

The composer Gerald Dorsch founded the „New Roots” quartet in 2002.
Educated as a jazz musician at the Huermann-Zilcher-Jazz conservatory in Wurzburg, his enthusiasm for folk music makes him the participant of numerous projects - the project "Chakra" with the Indian musician Susmita Ghosh (CD "INDIAN ROOTS”) or his project "Two Elements" (CD “Take the Double ZZ"). The concert program of “New Roots”, composed by Gerald, is a synthesis of European, American and Oriental styles. The composition, incorporating the rich variety of national traditions - Georgian polyphony and rhythmic diversity, traditional American jazz and the creative imagination of the talented composer, are an exquisite example of modern ethno-jazz. Raymond Kaczynski, graduated as percussionist and composer of the Universities in Michigan and Wisconsin-Madison. Involved in numerous jazz projects, he performs at festivals in the USA, Europe, Canada, Africa and India. Since 1998, when his first solo CD "Movies for your Head” appeared, about 30 CDs with his participation were produced in the France, USA, and Germany. Playing with Don Byron, Zeitkratzer Ensemble, Gruppe Sound Espace, Scott Fields trio and The Shin group, he gained the reputation of an awesome and remarkable instrumentalist and an imaginative and colourful soloist.


Gendos Tshamzyryn - vocals
Tim Hodgkinson - guitar, clarinet, saxophone
Ken Hyder - drums, vocals

"Quite possible that being in trance people can be carried away even in the past, predict the future and cure. It is unknown whether it is good or bad, but it is impossible to reproduce their concert once more. You can be close to the bygone state only after having listened to this music. K-space concert is more than a concert - a total ritual gesture of extraordinary intensity." La Vanguaria, Spain.

Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder have been performing together since 1978, they are best known for being in the heart of the avant-garde for the last 30 years. Tim Hodgkinson has got rich professional expertise of the jazz musician, worked with the radical Romanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu, Italian Electro-acoustic group Ossatura and with the Konk Pack trio. Ken has never forgotten the land of his birth Scotland, he is explores his Scottish roots in his numerous ethno-jazz projects and CDs. After years of combining Scottish traditional folk music with jazz on a batch of albums, musicians turned their attention eastwards, in 1990 when teamed up with Gendos on one of their Radical Transcultural Initiatives programs in southern Siberia, presenting experimental art. Gendos is a recognized master of shamanisms musician from Tuva; the top throat-singing innovator in Siberia and an expert in the deep-vocal Kargiraa style of overtone singing. He plays on a variety of traditional Tuvan instruments including the dungur shaman drum. Performers are widely experienced in holding workshops improvisation and fusions of ethnic music and jazz, as they have studied Celtic music in Scotland and in Ireland; shamanic drumming and overtone throat-singing in Tuva: the ritual music of Inuit native in Canada and the music of southern ethnic groups in Siberia. They did recorders with a lot of jazz and ethnic musicians including Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist monks, traditional Japanese and gipsy musicians and Siberian shamans.


Rikki Nakano - vocals
Hiroaki Sugawara - guitar, drums

Rikki Nakano was born in Amami Island in the south of Japan in 1975. Situated at a crossroads, half way between the mainland of Japan and Okinawa, the traditional music of Amami, has received a unique set of influences from it's larger neighbours. Music was in her blood, from and she started singing shima uta from the age of 4. She appeared at the Japan minyo (folk) award show in Kagoshima at just 5 years old. The following year she won the same award, and was a consecutive winner for the following six years until 1988 she captured the All Japan Minyo award at the unprecedented age of 15 in 1990. She was the focus of several TV documentaries throughout this and the following years Her solo albums released in Japan was an enormous success in 1993 and in 1994, In addition to her native Amami island music, her improvising music is included Indonesian and Asian influences. Her last album received rave reviews upon release, and firmly established her rising reputation as a singer of the finest quality and a star of the Asian music scene. She performed at various concerts in Japan and France Rikki is considered to be one of Japan's finest young singers with her root firmly entrenched within a strong tradition, a unique background in the world of Japanese culture. Her prestigious talent is unquestionable and she is one of a few young artists with the ability to bring the unique and colourful culture of her birthplace to a worldwide audience.


John Salmon - piano
Steve Haines - doublebass
Tom Taylor - drums

John Salmon`s awards include a fellowship from The Beethoven Foundation, the Premio Jaen, the Loren Eiseley Memorial Award from the University of Maryland Piano Competition and the Gina Bachauer Memorial Award from the Juilliard School. Salmon has performed in solo and orchestral appearances in the United States, Central America and Europe. He has recorded for Radio Suisse Romande, RAI Italian Radio, Spanish National Radio and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, WFMT Radio in Chicago, C-Span and PBS television. Steve Haines - the Director of the Miles Davis Program in Jazz Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Director of the annual UNCG Honors High School Jazz Band. He has directed UNT's Three O'clock Lab Band and was a member of the One O'clock Lab Band, with whom he traveled internationally. Haines' music for large and small jazz ensembles is published at the University of Northern Colorado Press and has been broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting national radio shows Jazz Beat and All the Best. He has served internationally as a clinician and as an adjudicator for large and small jazz ensembles at numerous high schools, colleges and universities. Tom Taylor is one of the most sought after drummers on the East coast. He is well-known as performer and as the teacher at North Carolina Central University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina Greensboro.


Theodosii Spassov - kaval
Rumen Toskov - piano
Hristo Yotzov - drums

"The trio offers a masterful look into a complex fusion of Balkan roots and inspired jazz” like a jam session between Ian Anderson and Thelonious Monk" - Chicago Tribune. "The playing of the trio is a delight, with Toskov and Yotsov both supplying extraordinary sensitivity and chops. Spassov's kaval is blown, sung through, processed, overblown, and played every which way but upside-down. His interest in sound as music is apparent from his solos, but also from the tracks of urban and rural soundscapes which intersperse the CD, from the bustle of a Sofia train station to evening rain falling on a small village." - Michal Shapiro, Roots World. The leader of trio Theodosii Spassov has developed his own style of playing the kaval and realized several recordings and projects in his unique way of playing fusion. His biography is the biography of national hero- in 1994-1999 he is the Artistic Director of the world-renown "Philip Koutev" ensemble of music and dance and a soloist of Radio Sofia Orchestra, In 1998-2001 the member of the company of the Irish music and dance "Riverdance" In 1994 was honored with The Special Prize of Detroit Flute Festival, In April 1995 "Newsweek" magazine recognized Spassov as one of the most talented East European musicians in its "best of the East", in 1996 he was awarded by The International Academy of Arts in Paris Award, at the 1997 award "Music Artist of the Year" and many National Music Awards. Different projects of Theodosii has won international acclaim - with the Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu's band, as well as with Albert Mangeldorff, with the Radio Hessen jazz Ensemble and with Sofia Women's Radio Choir, which was awarded with a Grammy award for "Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares". Theodosii has recorded to 15 CDs, four of his own, which have been realized worldwide. He composed the music for a 4 films and performed the music for a films of Italian composers Carlo Siliotto and of Ennio Morricone.


ZaZa Miminoshvili - guitar, panduri
Zurab J. Gagnidze - guitar-bass, guruli-gesang
Mamuka Ghaghanidze - vocals, percussion, doli
Raymond A. Kaczynski - drums /USA/

The Georgian word "shin" means «the way home». The remarkable group ---"The Shin" (established in Germany for over 10 years) has chosen this spiritual kind of journey home as their way to international success. “The Shin” follows an independent way in the European music, enriching it with unique Georgian musical colours, polyphony and rhythmic structure, which are characteristic for the Iberian-Caucasian style, originating from an ancient culture, flourishing at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The Shin have been the real sensation of the Wiesloch Guitar Festival with their witty, brilliant, world encompassing and at the same time Georgian-rooted fusion-jazz. Georgian folk tunes, brilliantly mixed with jazz are masterly, humorously and playfully performed. This exciting and exquisite music stands for a kind of rhythmic, polyphonic improvisation, which takes its origins in old Georgian culture. What makes their music especially attractive is their effortless use of different musical styles. Drawing as it does from traditions as diverse as India, the U.S.A., the East and Europe; their music is truly unique. When musicians are as professionally versatile and mature as these four, it is doubtless safe to say that their music is perfect: rooted in tradition, they transcend that tradition. The founders of the group ZaZa Miminoshvili and Zurab Gagnidze - are both the authors of a great deal of theatre music for the performances of Robert Sturua at Georgian State Drama Theatre" Shota Rustaveli " and for more than 30 films at the studio " Georgia Film”. The Ministry of Culture of Georgia repeatedly awarded them the title of ' Best Jazz Performers' (in 1981, 1983, 1991; 1992; 1996)